Volunteer at AID

Volunteers help keep AID going by helping out with fundraising events, direct care, or simply donating their skills and talents. To become a volunteer, please fill out the contact form.

Most volunteer positions will be held on-site at one of six AID locations during regular programming hours:
(Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm). Locations include: Aurora, Batavia, Elgin and Yorkville.

As a facility that provides services for people with disabilities, we cannot knowingly employ or retain any individual who performs direct care for clients, patients, or residents if that person has been convicted of committing or of attempting to commit any offenses listed under the Health Care Worker Background Check Act.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Arts & Crafts Leader

Prepare materials and work with individuals on craft activities and projects.

Computer Coach

Teach basic computer skills. Help our individuals become computer savvy.

Community Integration Buddy

Accompany individuals on activities, shopping and volunteer projects. It’s always more fun when you’re with a friend!

Cooking Coach

If you like to cook, we like to learn. Teach individuals how to prepare a favorite recipe, a healthy recipe, or just help boost their confidence in cooking.

Crisis Line & Sunshine Program Volunteer

Assist callers with a wide variety of needs and concerns such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, substance stance abuse by linking them to appropriate community resources. Requires completion of Crisis Line training.

General Clerical Work & Document Scanning

Help us as we move to electronic records. Over 50 years worth of records need to be scanned and indexed. Assist with sorting, copying and filing.

Exercise or Fitness Coach

Help motivate and lead exercise or fitness activities like walking, ‘sweatin’ to the oldies’ and having fun.

Game Day Helpers

Everyone likes to have fun. Help individuals play common games like Bingo and cards.


Help individuals learn about the growth cycle, help plant, water and maintain the garden.

Literacy Volunteers

Help individuals to improve basic reading and math skills.

Music Volunteers

Share your talents through entertainment and/or teaching about music. Lead a sing-a-long, play an instrument.

Pet Therapy

If this is your interest, you’ll have a ‘howling’ good time working with our individuals.

Therapy certification is required to apply.

Sign-Language Trainer

Practice with or teach sign language to individuals and staff!

Special Olympics Helper

Helpers needed for practice sessions to help train and cheer on our athletes!

Story Teller or Reader

Read stories of old, new stories, and stories just for fun, or maybe you prefer to build on your imagination and encourage individuals to tell or write their own stories.