Developmental Services and Community Integration: Provides skill training, paid work opportunities, community integration and employment to individuals in order to enhance and maintain their independence in community living. The program provides support, assistance and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The program provides a variety of activities in order for participants to attain the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced daily living skills through on-going educational opportunities.
  • Appropriate socialization and communication skills through interactive experiences.
  • Enhanced leisure skills and interests through active recreation participation.
  • Improved health and wellness through a variety of physical fitness opportunities.
  • Ongoing vocational job training.
  • Knowledge of local resources through inclusive community interactions.
  • Relationships developed and sharpened job skills through on-going service projects.

STARS Program: STARS is a Community Day Services program collaboration between AID and Fox Valley Special Recreation Association. STARS (Structured Therapeutic Adult Recreation Services) focuses on active community integration, volunteer work and fitness activities for participants. Supporting almost 100 people per day in five locations, STARS is on the go every day, with participants engaging in activities like bowling, shopping, swimming, taking walks at parks and in community centers, learning cooking skills, and enjoying music classes.

Autism Program: Individuals in the Autism Program will have extra emphasis placed on a specialized curriculum that includes communication skills, social and coping skills, functional life skills, community integration, vocational skills and volunteer opportunities.

Staff  for this program have been trained and skilled in various instructional methodologies that give them the tools to provide individualized supports that enable clients to achieve a higher degree of independence.

The program environment and supports will be catered to the specific interests, strengths, and needs of the clients.  The Autism Program provides opportunities for clients to participate in functional and meaningful activities within a highly structured environment, this allows the clients to maximize their potential and achieve personal success.

Vocational Training: Assistance for individuals in obtaining and maintaining job training through subcontracts or community job sites.

Volunteer Sites: Our volunteer sites are used for the purpose of community integration as well as skill training. Clients learn social skills and an appreciation of giving back to the community as well as enhancing their vocational skills toward community employment.

We have individuals volunteering at Anderson’s Animal Shelter, Aurora Animal Shelter, LIFT, ReStore, Feed My Starving Children, Two Rivers Food Pantry, Tillers, Trinity Church and St. David’s Church in Aurora and numerous local libraries.

Food Service: This program trains clients in basic food service skills and positive work behaviors, enhances their independence and prepares them for community employment. Food Service also increases life-long learned skills, daily living skills and vocational skills.

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