What do I do in case of emergency?

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency or is in immediate danger, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a non-medical emergency that may include mental health crises such as panic attacks, thoughts of suicide or self-injury, homicidal thoughts, hallucinations, confusion, problems related to substance use, or other mental health problems call
AID’s 24-hour Crisis Line of the Fox Valley: 630-966-9393
for support and information.

If you are having difficulty determining whether you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency versus a non-medical emergency, you can call the AID 24-hour Crisis Line of the Fox Valley 630-966-9393 or 911.

Other helpful phone numbers and websites:
Poison Control (medication dosing errors, chemicals, foods, etc.):

DCFS Hotline (suspected child abuse and/or neglect, or at risk):
1-800-25-ABUSE (22873)

NAMI Helpline (National Alliance on Mental Illness):

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA):
www.aa.org / www.na.org

Domestic Violence Helpline:
1-877- TO END DV (863-6338)

How do I access AID Behavioral Health (BH) services?

The AID Behavioral Health Department currently offers walk-in hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. If these hours are not convenient, please call (630) 966-4000 to schedule an appointment. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and bring a photo ID and health insurance card(s) to your first appointment.

At the time of intake, you will meet with our staff to be admitted to the Behavioral Health Outpatient Program and to discuss available programs and services. Staff will conduct an assessment to determine a diagnosis at that time, and you will be given the option to return during walk-in hours or schedule a follow-up appointment for a more thorough Behavioral Health Assessment to determine recommendations for services.

After the Behavioral Health Assessment is completed you will meet with your Primary Case Manager to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan. At that time, you will decide which services you would like to participate in to help you meet your treatment goals and objectives. Services could include individual counseling/therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation group services, community support services, psychiatric services, and case management services.

If you have an additional need for outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, residential services, or any other services AID has to offer, your Primary Case Manager can make a referral for these services. The Behavioral Health Department also offers psychological testing services. For more information about these services, please call (630) 966-4000.

Do you have Psychiatrists who can prescribe medications?

Yes, we have several psychiatrists working with our agency who are able to meet with you and discuss the best medication treatment to address your issues.

Is my information private?

Yes, our agency follows all applicable regulations to ensure your privacy

What is the referral process for the 24-hour BH supervised program?

In order to be placed on the waiting list for the BH Supervised program at TLF, Sherman or Edgelawn, an application must be completed and submitted to the Residential Director at 1305 E Indian Trail Aurora IL 60505. The application can be obtained by calling (630) 966-4292 and leaning a message with your address or email: dguler@AIDcares.org.

Is there a waiting list for the BH supervised program?

There is a 3-4 year waiting list for our supervised housing. AID is actively working with property developers to increase our residential capacity and decrease the wait for services. This is an unmet need in our community and definitely something that concerned community members and families can advocate for.

Can the waiting list be bypassed due to our family's need?

In our tenant selection plan we have four reasons that could be used to bypass part of our waiting list. Many of the people on our waiting list meet one or more of these criteria, however, so it is rare to bypass the others who have been waiting.

Where can my loved one live while they are waiting for services?

If a person is able to live somewhat independently, it may be possible for us to serve them in our BH supported program within 1-2 weeks of acceptance while they wait for an opening in our 24-hour program. To make a referral and/or determine eligibility contact (630) 966-4292.

What is the process for making a referral to the BH supported program?

To make a referral to our Supported residential program please call (630) 966-4292.
An appointment for an in person interview will be arranged either in our office or your home for your convenience. An assessment will be completed to determine eligibility. If eligible, services will begin within 1-2 weeks.

Who is eligible for BH residential services?

Anyone who has a target axis one diagnosis (per DMH), meets severity criteria and does not meet exclusionary criteria is eligible. Individuals must also be willing to participate in treatment.