Community Living Services: AID serves more than 230 individuals in nearly 100 different community living sites.

Supervised Community Living: 24-hour home setting for individuals with developmental disabilities who need to develop independent living skills.

Supported Community Living: Intermittent services based on the individual needs of client.

Services Provided:

  • Support in activities of daily living including: cooking, self-care, laundry, budgeting, housekeeping, etc.
  • Community integration opportunities including: banking, shopping, barber/hair salon services, dining out, sporting events, etc.
  • Support to develop socialization and communication skills.
  • Transportation services that meet specialized needs of individuals served.
  • Nursing services including assessment, and monitoring of medications.
  • Registered Dietician develops menus and recipes to accommodate a variety of dietary guidelines.
  • Mental health professionals and behavior analysts provide behavior support services including developing strategies to teach adaptive behavior replacement.
  • Individual and group counseling services.

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Community Living Services

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