Client and Family Support: Client & Family support is responsible for the admissions of all clients entering services in need of programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The services offered include: assessment of need, support, advocacy and referral to appropriate AID services, linkage to other community services including entitlements, and assistance to promote independence in the community in the areas of daily living skills, social skills, budgeting, medication management accessing public transportation and scheduling medical appointments.

The criteria for services include:

  • Individuals with disabilities needing services
  • At least 18 years of age (exception: School Transition Program)
  • Residing in our service area
  • Meet admission criteria of the specific program

Adult Home Based Support: Provides service facilitation and support for individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain/maintain appropriate services and to develop/maintain independent living skills. Families may purchase services based on the individual needs of clients. AID offers day services to clients that are funded through Adult Home Based Support.

Respite: This program seeks to maintain individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes and community by providing short term relief to families. A voucher system allows families to choose their own respite workers and the services provided to the family member.

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