What is the "Color Burst" dust made of?
Food-grade cornstarch and color dye. Eye protection is recommended (i.e. goggles)

Is the "Color Brust" dust permanent?
No, but there are some things you should consider:

  • Light color stains will remain on white clothing (perfect for your new Color Burst 5k shirt, not perfect for your favorite white pants)
  • If you have colored hair (dyed or highlighted) you may want to oil hair or/and cover hair to protect from the colors.
  • Protect eyes from colors with sunglasses, swim goggles, etc.
  • Don't wear or bring valuables that you wouldn't want to get dirty.
  • Dust off as much dry powder as you can before you apply any water.
  • Cleaning your hair: Dust any loose powder out of your hair. Rinse out the oil/conditioner you wisely applied before the race with COLD water.
  • If your hair is still clinging on to the color, we've heard that a mixture of baking soda and blue Dawn dish soap can work wonders!
  • Remove all excess powder before adding water for clothing. Wash your Color Run gear separately, with COLD water.

  • Are spectators allowed?
    Spectators are welcome but should not enter course or color stations

    Are children participants free?
    Children 5 and under can run/walk/roll for free! (does not include shirt, lei or color powder)

    What wheeled vehicles are allowed?
    Wheelchairs and strollers are allowed. Strollers will begin at the end of the first wave. Bikes, in-line skates, skateboards ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    When can I pick up my t-shirt and race info. packet?

    Are pets allowed?

    What should I bring?
    Towels/blankets for car.
    Camera/phone in protected bags.
    Vendors & Raffles will be available so bring cash!

    What if it rains?
    Color Burst 5k will happen rain or shine.

    Are there refunds?
    Sorry, No refunds.

    What does the 5k benefit?
    All funds raised will help AID continue the mission empowering people with physical, developmental, intellectual and mental health challenges to enjoy lives of dignity and purpose.

    Contact Wendy Bialek at 847.931.2294 or wbialek@the-association.org