"Getting the most out of life isn't about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others." David Stoddard's words are powerful and resonate with any of us who have been blessed by the generosity of a benefactor, guided by the influence of a mentor, and empowered by the compassion of another.

For those who were born with physical, developmental, intellectual, or mental health challenges, we are fortunate to have the compassionate programs and services of AID in the Fox Valley area.

AID serves as a reminder that our gifts were meant to be poured into others and that we are all responsible for the world in which we live and for the broader needs of our human family.

For All Their Tomorrows we invite you to celebrate today with a life-changing gift. Please join us with a pledge of support to the campaign.


Christine loves handcrafting vibrant bracelets,
a reflection of her colorful and inspiring personality. Christine was born with Down Syndrome and has required some level of special services her entire life - including 27 years of AID residential and day program services. Her staff at AID are quick to comment on her warm personality and signature smile.

Despite a recent surgery and four weeks of required hospital stay, Christine remains as bubbly and loving as ever, continuing to craft her special bracelets and give them away to anyone she meets.
Casey voluntarily participates in psychosocial rehabilitation groups where he is able to take the skills learned and apply them with Community Support Team (CST) staff in the community. Casey continues to follow court mandated guidelines and CST expectations as he actively seeks employment, remains medication compliant, and participates openly in treatment at AID.

Casey was recently nominated for a client recognition dinner hosted by AID to celebrate his achievements and personal growth.